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Soap Craft Co.

Soap Craft co. | Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil | For Personal Uses and Cosmetic Application

Soap Craft co. | Sea Breeze Fragrance Oil | For Personal Uses and Cosmetic Application

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Soap Craft co. | Summer Fresh Fragrance Oil | For Personal Uses and Cosmetic Application
  • Summer Fresh Fragrance Oil transports you to the seaside on the beautiful summer. 
  • It is perfect balance of salty sea and aromatic flora.
  • Summer fresh fragrance oil is ideal for soaps, lotions, and other bath and body care items since it has a spa-like feel to it.

Summer Fresh Fragrance Oil Uses & Benefits

  • Soap Making

    Summer Fresh Scented Oil is a natural and fresh aroma that entices and refreshes soaps.

  • Scented Candles

    Our Summer Fresh fragrance oil has a sweet and breezy scent perfect for making scented candles. 

  • Perfumes

    Owing to its long-lasting summer fresh scent, ocean breeze Aroma Oil is useful in creating perfumes and deodorants. 

  • Cosmetics Care

    Face scrubs, moisturizers, and face washes can all benefit from our most refined summer fresh scent oil.

  • Bathing Products

    Calming perfume of summer fresh scented oil soothes the mind and body. It's an excellent addition to bath oils.

How to Use Summer Fresh Fragrance Oil

  • Aromatic Candle: You can use 15ml of our Sea breeze aroma oil in roughly 250g of wax to make scented candles with a great balance of sweet and fresh scents. 


  • Relaxing Aromatic Bath: To have a restorative bathing experience, add 5 to 6 drops of natural ocean breeze Perfume Oil to the bathtub. It will improve your sleep by reducing tension and anxiety.


  • Scented Soap Making: Add 10 mL of our ocean breeze Fragrance Oil to 150 g of soap base while making soaps. It will give your soaps a pleasant aroma.


  • Skin Care Products: When preparing cosmetic and skincare products, only a few drops of summer fresh Aroma Oil should be applied.
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